Other Travel Pictures

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Hamburg (Germany) May 2016 - Architecture, lines and repetition.

Terschelling (The Netherlands) April 2016 - A solo island hop to rough Terschelling.

Prague (Czech Republic) March 2016 - My first aquaintance with the Czech Republic.

Gdansk (Poland) January 2016 - Colourful winter days in Gdansk.

Groningen - Haarlem - Amsterdam - Maastricht (Netherlands) 2015 - Being a tourist in my own country.

Jutland and Copenhagen (Denmark) 2014 - Half a year in Denmark with beautiful deserted beaches, colorful dunes and simplistic but lasting architecture.

Krakow and Zakopane (Poland) 2014 - Solo travel awesomeness! South-Poland exceeded all my expectations.

Rotterdam (Netherlands) 2014 - A day trip to the second-largest Dutch city: Rotterdam. I amongst others visited the museum 'Kunsthal' with an exposition containing 100 artifacts of the Second World War and one about the history of Finnish design company Marimekko. 

Lund and Malmö (Sweden) 2014 - A daytrip to Skåne!

Stockholm (Sweden) 2014 - Some winter days in the beautiful capital of Sweden.

Helsinki (Finland) 2013 - The fourth time in my favorite country Finland, but this time accompanied by my father!

Copenhagen (Denmark) 2013 - A one week visit to my Kaunas roommate Astrid.

Bialystok (Poland) 2013 - A spontanious little trip with Yi and Jun.

Sweden 2012/2013 - A collection of both summer and winter pictures from this awesome country!

Summer school Finland 2012 - Also this year I decided to come over to Finland. I took a very interesting course in graphic design and lived with the same lovely Finnish family again. I walked and cycled around a lot, enjoying Finnish nature at its best during the short summers. Like always I never left the house without my camera.

Amsterdam 2012 - A quick look in the capital of the Netherlands.

Summer school Finland 2011 -  Lovely Finland during my summer school programme in Mikkeli. I followed classes in 'basics of tv production' and 'Finnish culture'. Ever since I'm a fanatic Finland fan.

Easter in Poland 2011 - After having heard a lot of negative stereotypes about Poland I decided to form my own opinion and hop on the bus to Warsaw, all alone. I spent the Easter weekend in Warsaw and was surprised by the immense size of the city. I must admit Poland is not my favorite destination, however, I do think that people should be a bit more careful with all negative stereotypes. Maybe Krakow would be a better destination for me.

Winter trip 2010: Saint Petersburg - My first and definetely not last time in Russia. A magnificent trip to a very impressive, huge, beautiful city. I left my teen years behind in Russia since I celebrated my 20th birthday right there. It was cold, so cold, but therefore I had the opportunity to observe Saint-Petersburg with hardly any tourists in town.

Winter trip 2009: Finland - My first time in Finland from Tallinn (Estonia) to Helsinki by boat. I was welcomed by some sweet little islands and a big amount of ice floating on the water. Helsinki is a very interesting city full of design-spirit. Furthermore I immedeately felt home when I saw many people walking around looking just like my dad and our Dutch queen Beatrix. Just outside Helsinki's city centre I spotted my very first wild owl. I'm still amazed by that moment.