Baltic States

From 2009-2014 I lived, studied and worked in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Click on the links below to discover my pictures of everyday life in the Baltics. You will be redirected to the albums on my Facebook page which you are also able to watch without having a Facebook account.

Kaunas during my fourth semester 2014 - The final countdown before my graduation in Lithuania! 

Teaching at Lithuanian High Schools 2014 - Visits to Atžalynas gymnasium in Kaunas and Šilutė’s first gymnasium near the Lithuanian sea side. I absolutely loved this! The pictures are made by Lina (VMU) and Iveta (ESN).

Exchange Tallinn University 2013 - My life in Estonia, semester three of my Master degree.

Riga Vision (balloon event) 2013 - The best of two worlds. My favorite city Riga and my beloved hobby, flying hot air balloons. I made two fantastic flights over Riga with an awesome balloon team from Estonia.

Kaunas during my second semester 2013

Kaunas (Master Journalism and Media Analysis) 2012 - The last Baltic puzzle piece: Lithuania. Follow my adventures during the last two years at university.

City highlight: Liepaja (Latvia) 2012 - Shots made during a business trip for Liepaja In Your Pocket. Spending some (voluntary) hours in Karosta prison impressed me the most.

Riga's faces - A collection of the best Art Nouveau buildings in Latvia's capital.

Latvian Legion Day 2012 - On March 16th soldiers of the Latvian Legion (part of Waffen SS) are commemorated. I've never seen so many policemen at once.

Latvian Independence Day 2011 - On November 18th Latvia celebrates its independence. This is the perfect day to make some people-pictures.

City highlight: Kaunas (Lithuania) 2011 - Shots made during a city trip to Lithuania's student city Kaunas where I visited a concert of Jean Michel Jarre.

City highlight: Vilnius (Lithuania) 2011 - Shots made during a business trip for Vilnius In Your Pocket.

My life in Estonia 2011 - Pictures taken during my internship at the Institute of Baltic Studies in Tartu. Besides shots from Estonia's student capital I also added pictures from Taevaskoja, Otepäa and work trips in Tallinn. I furthermore visited Narva as election observer for the Estonian Parliamentary elections of 2011. Don't miss the shot of Lenin and me!

Winter trip 2010: Lithuania - My first visit to the most southern Baltic State. Pictures from snowy Vilnius and Trakai.

Winter trip 2009/2010: Estonia - My first visit to the most northern Baltic State. I celebrated the start of 2010 in Tallinn.

My first steps in the Baltics 2009: Latvia - Living in Riga while studying at Riga Stradins University (Pictures not available at this moment)