Sunday, February 12, 2017

Friends and façade faces, colours, German haircuts and the longing for these places

The carpet in the Swiss train with its final destination being Zürich, creates a homey atmosphere. A young German hippie-like family discovers my origin through my accent, linking my orange jacket to the nationality as described in my passport. They offer me carrots to make the whole complete. I blush. Laughter is shared. 

A steady breeze blows a spirit of courtesy and intellectuality through the Heidelberger streets, marked with its houses adorned with hints of rusty brown. 

Spring is approaching. Catkins are already visible and the first hay fever sneezes are reluctantly accepted. The locals are colour boosting their environment with a larger percentage of yellow coats than seen elsewhere. 

The university library is the beating heart of this student city. Behind Jugendstil façade faces houses a labyrinth of bookshelves in between which the delightfulness of proper German masculine haircuts can't remain unnoticed. 

Memories of glory days in Lithuania that became part of personalities are revived. The warmth of a friendship and the proximity of recognizable belongings cover me in a blanket of trust. The longing for bonding with historically and cultural rich venues is instigated once again.

The train distancing me from Heidelberg leads me trough picturesque valleys. In the background I softly hear two young guys joking around in Hochdeutsch, in a respectful and conscious volume in order not to disturb other travelers. German manners and politeness. An example. 

Colorific splendor in Heidelberg

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