Sunday, August 2, 2015

Su 02-08: One more time!

It was a really short night, but nevertheless, I didn’t want to stay in my bed. This morning flight would be the last possible one to see before heading home. Bennie and I were offered a flight with Hinnerk Röhrs from Northern Germany. His plan was to fly next to the Arky special shape, so we could take some nice pictures of this friendly looking balloon. It was a calm morning with variable winds and a lot of relaxed people in a ‘just one more time before we have to head home again’-mood. We landed at the very same field as I did the day before with the Dutchmen in their in Lithuania registered balloon. I could still spot the marks of our landing. Another enjoyable flight to add to the list!

Back at the hotel my dad and I managed to pack our belongings in just 15 minutes. Heading home, we talked about the nice times we had this week. Even though this is probably the LMAB edition with the least flights, it was certainly not the ‘worst’ (even though that’s of course hard to classify). The few flights that did happen were remarkably special. Quality above quantity in this case. I personally had such a wonderful time, enjoying a mixture of colorful balloons, some sightseeing and moreover lots of laughter with friends from all over the world. I’m having my difficulties to accept it’s all over again, but thankful I was part of it all for the eight time.

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