Wednesday, July 29, 2015

We 29-07: The weather says no

An early wake-up for a change, hoping for a miracle, even though the wind and rain on the way towards the launch field didn't promise much good. It was busy on the road animal-wise. Within a short time span a mouse, a hedgehog, a fox and yet another mouse crossed the road. All of them survived, even though the fox had to give up his road kill for our passage. So that's why the foxes in this area look rather skinny; too many humans in quick driving murdering machines disturbing the hunting process. American pilot Gary Moore joined us in the car this morning and told us about the many (mainly Asian) countries he had visited for balloon purposes this year already. Impressive; it's always nice to hear enthusiastic stories from the ones for which travelling equals living. Once at the briefing we were told blue skies, soft winds and sunshine were expected, but only at 09.30 o'clock, being too late for a decent morning flight. Team Grand Britannia's cheerful French crew member Benoit brought some fresh croissants, so after this second breakfast in the rain, shortly after 06.00 o'clock, all cold sleepy faces headed to their warm hotels (or damp tents) again.

Tailgating happiness!
This afternoon the Waves centre near Metz provided a fun place for some food. Sarah, my dad and I visited an American diner and I ate a chili style hotdog (in order to practice already a bit for the chili madness in New Mexico upcoming October). The idea to eat rather healthy while being here failed, especially when we shared a banana split afterwards. It's almost getting a bit monotonous, but there isn't much to say about the evening, as the flight was cancelled once again because of the wind. The forecast for the rest of the week looks a bit better though. We ended the day with some tailgating at the parking lot with people from all over the world. I'm glad we can all still make the best out of it despite the weather.

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