Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tu 28-07: Metz, angry farmers and two times nothing

Well guess what: no flight this morning! The wind was too strong once again. Will this be the LMAB edition with the least flights? It's starting to look like it, even though we're keeping our heads up high. In order to turn this day into a memorable one nevertheless, Sarah, my father and I decided to have a look in Metz. We took the scenic route, as some not amused farmers blocked the main road in the Metz-Nancy area. We had a touristy, relaxed walk around town and a slice of goat cheese covered pizza made my stomach very happy. 

Plenty of time to test this Cameron hopper seat (in tall Dutch people mode). Accompanied by Sarah and Simon.
This evening we headed to the launch field with the idea to socialize a bit. It was still way too windy, so like expected, no one took off. Around 50 optimistic teams did enter the field though, but it wasn't meant to be. Tomorrow's alarm clock will ring at 04.30 o'clock; hoping for a decent slot with blue skies, sunshine and calm winds.

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