Thursday, July 2, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Special Shapes

During the four Thursdays before the kick-off of Mondial Air Balloons 2015, we'll go back in time through some good old 'Throwback Thursday' specials. Let's bring back some memories about the wonderful moments earlier trips to the Northern part of France brought us all. Today's focus will be on special shapes, presented to you after a dive through the Bos family archive, containing pictures of all the editions of Mondial Air Balloons since 2001.

Aktie Gelb Deutsche Post Special Shape Balloon
2001: An impressive yellow bull roaming over the fields of France (Picture: Bennie Bos)
Nescafe Cup Special Shape Balloon
2001: "Gooooodmooorning Chambley", a proper cup of coffee for the ones having difficulties to get up early (Picture: Bennie Bos)
Breitling Orbiter 3 Replica
2003: Bertrand Piccard's replica of the Breitling Orbiter 3 (Picture: Bennie Bos)
Flying Pot Special Shape Balloon
2003: This giant flying pot could probably contain just enough 'confiture' to still the craving for sweetness of the entire population of France... for a day (Picture: Bennie Bos)
Special Shape Balloon Blue Dragon
2005: This blue dragon came all the way from Brazil to nibble on an ordinary balloon (Picture: Bennie Bos)
Special Shape Balloon Scarecrow
2005: This friendly scarecrow isn't made for chasing away balloons (Picture: Bennie Bos)
Special Shape Balloon Birthday Cake
2007: Frank Prell brought his giant birthday cake (Picture: Bennie Bos)
2007: Mystery (Darth Vader from Belgium) and sweetness (Miss Daisy from America) in one frame (Picture: Bennie Bos)
Hopper Special Shape Balloon
2007: Belgian pilot Eric Martens showing his special shape hopper to the audience (Picture: Bennie Bos)
Patriot Special Shape Balloon
2009: The European flag balloon carefully watching the partriot's lift-off (Picture: Nienke Bos)
Dala Horse Mobile Phone Special Shape Balloons
2009: A gigantic and rather old fashioned phone and the Dala Horse, a symbol of Sweden, but flown by Gino Ciers from Belgium (Picture: Nienke Bos)
UP Special Shape Balloon
2009: The UP! balloon, including a little house covering the basket (Picture: Nienke Bos)
Babybel Special Shape Balloon
2009: The cool Babybel cheese trying to attract the attention of the photographers (Picture: Nienke Bos)
Monsterboard Special Shape Balloon
2011: Another hungry monster (Picture: Nienke Bos)
La Rista Sunny Boy Special Shape Balloons
2011: Sunny Boy waiting to be inflated, while American pilot Mike Shrum is ready for departure with his bunch of chili peppers (Picture: Nienke Bos)
Joker Special Shape Balloon
2013: The only sad face around Chambley airbase (Picture: Nienke Bos)
Motorbike Special Shape Balloon
2013: Heavy traffic at the runway! (Picture: Nienke Bos)
Wasp Special Shape Balloon
2013: Felipe Tostes and his wasp (Picture: Nienke Bos)
Stay tuned! Another Throwback Thursday special will appear in a week from now.

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