Monday, July 20, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Remarkable Moments

During the four Thursdays before the kick-off of Mondial Air Balloons 2015, we'll go back in time through some good old 'Throwback Thursday' specials. Let's bring back some memories about the wonderful moments earlier trips to the Northern part of France brought us all. Today's focus will be on some remarkable moments, presented to you after a dive through the Bos family archive, containing pictures of all the editions of Mondial Air Balloons since 2001.

Airship Gondola Deutsche Post
2001: The gondola of the Deutsche Post airship (Picture: Bennie Bos)
Net Gasballoons
2001: Gasballoons with nets; not too common anymore nowadays (Picture: Bennie Bos)

Don Piccard
 2003: Don Piccard and his equipment (Picture:Bennie Bos)

Don Piccard
2003: Don Piccard, eventually taking off with this! (Picture: Bennie Bos)

Patrouille de France
2003: A fantastic show by the Patrouille de France (Picture: Bennie Bos)

2003: The Patrouille de France jets during a break, on the Chambley runway (Picture: Bennie Bos)

Lindstrand basket
2005: This basket isn't for the faint-hearted (Picture: Bennie Bos)

Balloons above the clouds
2007: A foggy morning flight (Picture: Bennie Bos)

Art on buildings in Metz
2009: Clever artwork in the city center of Metz (Picture: Nienke Bos)

Nienke with dog
2009: This lovely dog named Boy was able to understand Dutch and brought a lot of joy in between the flights (Picture: Bennie Bos)

2009: Gasballoons on safe distance from the departing hot air balloons (Picture: Bennie Bos)

UP balloon basket
2009: The UP! balloon basket (Picture: Bennie Bos)

French cheesecake
2011: Glorious French cheesecake being very welcome after a long day (Picture: Bennie Bos)

Hot air balloons
2011: A cluster of balloons, a memorable flight (Picture: Nienke Bos)

Rotisserie chicken
2011: Food and friends after the flight: time for rotisserie chicken (Picture: Nienke Bos)

France 3 Lorraine
2011: Interview with France 3 Lorraine (Picture: Bennie Bos)

Pilot briefing Chambley
2013: The new pilot briefing tower (Picture: Bennie Bos)

2013: A wide variety of aircrafts at Chambley's runway (Picture: Bennie Bos)

2013: The keys to Mondial Air Ballons' success? (Picture: Nienke Bos)

2013: A picture of people taking a picture of a remarkable moment: a properly made table filled with food, or a funny little kid? (Picture: Nienke Bos)

2014: What are the odds? In the middle of Vilnius (capital of Lithuania) my friend Sarah and I came across this Pont-à-Mousson manhole! (Picture: Nienke Bos)

Alright, till so far the Throwback Thursday Specials. Now it's time for the real deal! Tomorrow morning my dad Bennie and I will head to France for LMAB15. See you there!

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