Thursday, July 9, 2015

Throwback Thursday: International smiles in Chambley

During the four Thursdays before the kick-off of Mondial Air Balloons 2015, we'll go back in time through some good old 'Throwback Thursday' specials. Let's bring back some memories about the wonderful moments earlier trips to the Northern part of France brought us all. Today's focus will be on international smiles in Chambley, presented to you after a dive through the Bos family archive, containing pictures of all the editions of Mondial Air Balloons since 2001. You can clearly watch me grow up too, as I aged from eleven to twenty-three in these years.

Berend Jan Floor Chambley
2001: Back in 2001 we weren't too much into taking pictures of people yet, such a pity! I did manage to find this snapshot of Dutch pilot Berend Jan Floor though, looking like a proper Frenchman with his hat (Picture:Bennie Bos)
Ciers Family Picnic
2003: Belgian pilot Gino Ciers and his large group of family and friends enjoying a picnic at their landing spot (Picture: Bennie Bos)
Nienke Bos Breitling
2003: Little Nienke, a rather cute Mazda and the impressive Breitling jets (Picture: Bennie Bos)
Bertrand Piccard Balloon
2005: Bertrand Piccard (Picture: Bennie Bos)
Rolf Frei
2005: Landing after a fun flight with pilot Rolf Frei from Switzerland (Picture: Bennie Bos)
old hot air balloon
2005: That's something else! (Picture: Bennie Bos)
hot air balloon team belgium
2007: Balloon minded Belgians and two of their Northern neighbors
Bennie Bos Antonio Biasioli
2007: Bennie Bos and Antonio Biasioli
Benoit Simeons
2007: Benoit Simeons and a lot of happy passengers (Picture: Bennie Bos)
Dave Reineke
2007: A very pleased Dave Reineke from America (Picture: Bennie Bos)
Hans Pravda
2007: Crazy boys from Austria! The Pravda team having a good time once again (Picture: Bennie Bos)
Hot air balloon Denmark
2009: 'Hygge'-time for the Danes (Picture: Nienke Bos)

Hot air balloon team Grand Britannia
2011: With Team Grand Britannia (Picture: Bennie Bos)
Hot air balloon passengers
2011: These happy French passengers didn't mind the rough landing (Picture: Nienke Bos)
Peter Michiels Djorry Simoen
2009: A joyful flight with Belgian pilot Peter Michels, Djorry Simoen and a cute French lady whose camera batteries died after the first minute being airborne (Picture: Bennie Bos)
Filip Audenaert
2011: Belgian pilot Filip Audenaert passing by (Picture: Nienke Bos)
2011: A basket filled with Dutch-Swedish happiness after a flight with Per Lesser's gigantic Papyrus glove (Picture: Bennie Bos)
Wilhelm Eimers
2011: Not really sure what was going on here with Wilhelm Eimers from Germany (Picture: Bennie Bos)
Christian Muth
2013: Christian Muth laying around (Picture: Nienke Bos)
Francois Schaut
2013: Francois Schaut and Bennie Bos (Picture: Nienke Bos)
Jeroen Koskamp
2013: Happy Dutch boy Jeroen Koskamp being amazed by all the balloons (Picture: Nienke Bos)
Kathy Reineke Nienke Bos Sarah Elston
2011: Girly photoshoot with Kathy Reineke (America), Nienke Bos (Netherlands) and Sarah Elston (England) (Picture: Bennie Bos)
Tarp Head
2013: Flight cancelled? Tarp Head knows how to handle that (Picture: Nienke Bos)
Stay tuned! Another Throwback Thursday special will appear in a week from now.

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