Friday, July 31, 2015

Th 30-07: Spiffing flights with Peter and Per

It happened, the wind dropped down! Finally, this was the first morning during which we didn't immediately looked like dogs sticking their head out of a driving vehicle once getting out of the car at the launch field. Peter George was so kind to offer me a flight with his everlasting beauty Grand Britannia, so while the sun burnt away the last nasty layer of clouds we got ready for some action. What a delight to be up in the air again. It was a smooth flight; not too slow, but not too fast either. We were nicely in the middle of a bunch of happy balloonists and from all angles interesting pictures could be taken: special shape Arky next to a typical French church, a rather interesting looking fish balloon next to a heart and a champagne bottle and some colorful fabric right above a massive train bridge. The landing went much better than the previous one last Sunday, so I'm still in one piece. Peter and I packed the balloon away and just at the moment the last cables ended up in the bag, the retrieve car with Sarah and Isaac in it showed up. We weren't the only one that fancied this landing spot, as all over the place balloons came back to mother earth again. We ended the morning flight with some quick gas refueling and a tailgate session with lots of food. I especially liked the biscuits, goat cheese and strawberries. JT was pleased to have found a large group of people wanting to play football with him. 

Even though it was still a bit windy this evening, around 100 balloons did manage to take off. I randomly came across Swedish pilot Per Lesser, his wife Ulla and their crew members. They had just arrived and asked me if I would be up for a fly-in with the glove special shape. Of course! It took a while before all the fingers were nicely inflated, and while the sun was slowly setting already, we headed towards the Chambley launch field. We stayed very low during the whole flight and it was truly fantastic to see the many smiles from the spectators. I enjoyed the view from the camp side from above, and all the people crawling out of their tents to watch the giant hand waving at them. Good times in France!

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