Sunday, July 26, 2015

Su 26-07: World record!

And we have a go! And, a new world record too! This morning the first flight of LMAB15 finally took place, and we immediately started off with the line-up: 433 balloons were counted. My dad and I joined the Thai team we randomly met at the supermarket yesterday. We had been flying with them in Albuquerque too. Even though we couldn't fly over the Rio Grande now, we did manage to depart quick enough in order to shoot some aerial shots of the line-up within the typical landscape of Northern France being rather dry at the moment. Magnificent.

The landing was really rough. I bet I collected a nice series of bruises, and one of my teeth was eager to dig a hole through my lip. Oh well, everything turned out fine. In search for a way in for the retrieve car I ended up in a field with many very curious and too enthusiastic cows. I could keep them at a distance by talking to them with a calm voice, however, at the end they just couldn't control themselves anymore so a whole bunch of them sprinted my way. It was actually a bit scary. I quickly hid behind a rusty old trailer standing in the field, and was almost ready to crawl under it in case the cows would get closer. Luckily I didn't have to cross the same field again. In a nice Volvo packed with people we headed to a local pub in Chambley where a glass of beer was served for breakfast. The Thai people have been very kind to us and provided a lot of laughter; glad we spent this beautiful morning with them!

Line up Mondial Air Ballons 2015

Line up Mondial Air Ballons 2015

Line up Mondial Air Ballons 2015

Because of the unfortunate weather conditions later on this day we didn't manage to fly this evening. I ended up drinking tea and coffee with my dad and Sarah, and we made a nice walk through silent Pont-à-Mousson too. I must admit we eventually went to McDonalds, where we met Peter and Isaac. Did you already know they sell melon there? How healthy! It was a welcome boost of energy, taken down by the hamburger I ate as well though. I'm glad the morning flight was stunning, as it doesn't look too promising for tomorrow. 

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