Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sa 25-07: Both flights cancelled - kick scooter fun and junkfood instead

The weather was definitely not suitable for a morning flight. We didn't even bother to head to the launch field this morning. After a really warm day yesterday it finally cooled off a little, so the word 'nippy' was often heard today.

Together with Sarah and my dad I had a look at some shops just outside Metz, like Chullanka and Decathlon. It was raining a bit anyways, so a city trip wouldn't have been that wonderful. Eventually we enjoyed a tasty breakfast at the Cora supermarket where we bumped in to a Thai balloon team. Ballooning really does connect people from all over the world instantly. The most active activity of today existed out of a round of kick-scooter driving through Decathlon, which brought a lot of joy and surprised French faces. When near Metz's hypermarché area, definitely don't miss out on the newly established shopping center Waves. The building looks rather futuristic and the architectural details in this area are worth watching. Furthermore, the many diverse shops out there provide shelter for the rain. I still remember my initially proclaimed intention to eat rather healthy these days. The fact that we've visited both KFC and McDonalds this afternoon determined that was a lie.

Waves Metz
There isn't much to say about the evening flight, as it simply didn't happen. It was way too windy. Nevertheless, the meteo man from Luxemburg did have some good news: the forecast looks fantastic for 'the big line-up' tomorrow morning. Yes!

A selfie with my friend JT to end off with!

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