Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mo 27-07: Alsace adventures

No flight this morning, so Peter, Sarah, my father and I decided to head to Strasbourg around 08.00 o'clock. It was way over a two hour drive, mainly because we had some troubles finding a parking lot for cars higher than 1.90 meters. Nevertheless, it showed to be a very suitable destination for a day without much flying activities going on in Chambley. Strasbourg is located right next to the German borden and has been in French and German hands back and forth over the last 200 years. Therefore, it provides a very pleasant mix of German architecture (the typical black and white timber-framed buildings) and rather pompous buildings and cathedrals that resemble some of the buildings in Nancy and Metz. Most of the street signs are bilangual. We mainly strolled around Petite France, the most touristy area of Strasbourg. Perfect for people being fond of taking pictures. When watching carefully, some Gutenberg details could be spotted throughout the whole city. I can imagine the presence in the past of the one that introduced printing in Europe is something that makes the locals proud. A little while ago I saw a documentary about Mongolian singing, and I was pleased to hear it live now, as three guys were giving a little street performance. They sing two tones at once; fascinating. I actually expected to see a bit more of the EU presence in Strasbourg, but it seems we missed out on those buildings. All in all, I do really recommend visiting Strasbourg. Time to cross it off my 'to see'-list. 

Colorful Strasbourg

This evening we didn't manage to fly, as it was simply too windy once again. Together with team Grand Britannia we had diner and several desserts at Don Edwards' little French palace. It was a lovely evening. I learned that Americans visiting American graveyards in this region feel predominantly proud and a little emotional too. Furthermore, I managed to ask some of my questions about the Two Eagles project to Steve Shope, mission control leader of this giant adventure. I was mostly interested in the cultural aspect of Troy (America) and Leonid's (Russia) trip. It was fascinating to hear about their dynamic cooperation. Finally, Isaac shared some very valuable information on his job, which looks very much like the job I'll start upcoming monday. More about that another time. Despite the fact we didn't see any balloons today, we had a fantastic time with friends, food and good stories.

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