Friday, July 31, 2015

Fr 31-07: Fog and wind

A short sleep and off we went again. It was only four degrees outside, so I wonder how it must have been for the people sleeping in their tents at the camp side. It stayed rather foggy the entire morning, but that provided an interesting atmosphere for the pictures though. My dad flew with Hans Pravda and I joined Sarah retrieving Grand Britannia. As there was a traffic jam at the runway of balloon teams wanting to get off the field, we decided to take it slow and take some pictures from various corners. We also picked up Daniel, student pilot and part of the Swedish team I flew with yesterday. As Per isn't doing any morning flights, Daniel joined us. We soon discovered he's a great asset to the team, as he speaks the same language of humor. Nice! It didn't take long to find Peter, Isaac and Benoit, as they landed just a few roads away from the launch field. I can't get enough of the Little Britain imitations while cruising through small French villages. The afternoon existed out of a short nap and bringing  JT some presents for his fourth birthday. The evening flight was cancelled unfortunately, as it was too windy once again. Sarah and I ended up ghost hunting in the abbey of Pont-a-Mousson instead, and even though we didn't spot any strange creatures, we did enjoy the evening light shining on the old twisty staircases.

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