Sunday, July 5, 2015

Best of LMAB 2013 and LMAB fansite

A few days ago I came across a video which brought back some good memories of Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons 2013. It shows a nice variety of the mass of balloons above the launch field in Chambley, intertwined with interviews from mostly hard working organizers (and one random Dutchman). It's a good opportunity to practice your French a bit. I guess this was the first time my voice has been dubbed, probably by a petite, sweet, French lady. At least, that's how she sounds like. The footage showing me was taken from an interview with the TV channel France 3, in which I explained a bit more about the fansite This website came into existence by the joint efforts of me and my dad. While driving back home to the Netherlands after Mondial Air Ballons 2011, we agreed that the non-French speaking pilots, crew members and general balloon fans were in need of a platform on which novelties concerning LMAB were shared in English. It's not a secret that the French just really like to stick to their own language ;-). Many will be able to recall the pilot briefings, in which 15 sentences in French equaled one sentence in English. Especially the marvelous 'Today we have weather' news created a widespread 'oh really?'-moment. Having said that, the English correspondence from the organization improved massively over the last few years, so that's a joyful matter. To come back to the fansite; throughout the last years the content of the website was mainly enriched with links to colorful photo albums and video's, which you can check out here:

Are you also longing back to that wonderful time in France, nearly 2 years ago by now? Then you can watch the entire video right here:

Nienke Bos TV Interview France 3
Interview with France 3, the second largest French public television channel

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