Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Airdreams theme weeks: Media Plan Mondial Air Ballons 2015

This Saturday the famous Tour de France will start off in the Netherlands. Utrecht, known for its cozy streets and canals, will be the proud host of the grand départ. The shop windows already feature dolls with fashionable outfits, accompanied by some hipster-like bikes in funky colors, and trees are adorned with gigantic polka dot jerseys. Even though I'm a fanatic cyclist, I'm not planning on blogging or vlogging about the whole circus, as another France-based event is occupying my mind.

Before the event 

In the build-up towards Mondial Air Ballons 2015 you can expect to find many stories, pictures and useful tips on The four Thursdays before the kick-off of the fun in Chambley are reserved for some good old Throwback Thursday Specials. We'll for example have a look at the special shapes that have flown above Northern France, but there will be an opportunity for some people watching too! Also on Sundays prior the event relevant articles will be posted on I'll for instance share my recommendations on what not to miss out on in Metz and Nancy. 

During the event

Friday the 24th of July the biggest balloon event of Europe will finally take place again at Chambley Airbase. Also this year I'll share my stories and pictures on a daily basis, so that both the ones on spot and the unlucky ones at home can experience a little bit of the Mondial vibe in written and pixellized form. I'm spoiled by having lived in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, where properly working free wifi seems to be one of people's basic needs taken well care of. Let's see if my French connection will be so kind to cooperate rapidly too. 

After the event

During a fun trip to England earlier this year I tested if vlogging (video blogging) would be something for me, with the idea to eventually produce some reports while enjoying the balloon madness in France. Even though talking to a little camera on a stick made me feel a little awkward sometimes, I was satisfied enough with the outcome to decide I'll be vlogging during Mondial Air Ballons 2015 too. Nevertheless, the editing, but mainly the uploading, did take quite a while. I wouldn't want to have all that hassle while being in France. Therefore, I'll only finish and publish the vlogs while being back home again, which makes you able to relive the freshly made memories once again from your comfy chair.

All in all, an avalanche of Mondial Air Ballons 2015 related posts is waiting for you! Especially for this occasion, will be wearing the maillot jaune (not visible on small mobile devices), symbolizing this spectacular ballooning event to be the ultimate leader of Europe's balloon gatherings. Let's have some fun!

Nienke Balloon thumbs up

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