Sunday, July 19, 2015

5 things not to forget

Are you slowly but steady thinking about what to pack already? For first time visitors and the ones being forgetful I hereby present you a short and surely non-complete, non-balloon-equipment list in random order on items that most probably provide a lot of joy.

1. A warm jacket. When you're waking up around 04.00 o'clock a couple of days in a row, being still a bit sleepy, and having to wait a while for the wind to drop down / for the whole ballooning circus to start, you might be pleased having a warm jacket with you. Even though temperatures could rise up to 30 degrees Celsius during the day, the mornings can be chilly (or: nippy, I like that word better actually).

2. Rubber boots. Especially during dawn there is a large chance that the dew on the grass will drown your socks when simply wearing sneakers. Previous experiences showed that rubber boots also come in handy at clay covered landing fields (as in: it's easier to clean them after they've collected a five centimeter 'clay heel').

3. Proper shoes. As the runway is several kilometers long, you might want to take your best shoes with you during the evening mass ascension in order to 'quickly' take a picture from the other side of the launch field.

4. LMAB15 smart phone application (iOS/Android). This app will be available just before the kick-off of the event and promises to 'better inform drivers about the conditions of the flights'. Well, I'm curious; that could be a welcome source of information on days with questionable weather forecasts.

update 20/07/15 iOS: Android: The locked part is only accessible for pilots. 

5. Tailgate accessories. Fetch yourself a little foldable table and an appealing cloth and fill the setting up with some food and drinks straight from your trunk. Even if it only lasts half an hour, an after-flight tailgate gathering is a fun way to share some stories and to take a rest from the balloon madness earlier on. 

Tailgate ballooning
Tailgating at the parking lot of Chambley Airbase
Tailgate ballooning
When in France, eat like the French do
Birthday party at the parking lot!
Still one more Throwback Thursday Special to go and then it's time to spam both Airdreams and Facebook with stories and, hopefully, breathtaking pictures of the LMAB15!

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