Friday, May 1, 2015

Nienke and AKE (Amateur Artists Emmen)

In an old building hidden just outside the city center of Emmen a class of around 15 amateur artists gathered for an afternoon filled with creativity and home-made cake. A whiff of 'those good old days at primary school' instantly reached me. A little studio was being improvised, and before I knew I sat in a comfortable grandmother's chair shined by a lamp highlighting my facial features. A challenge: white face, whitish hair and a blue and red-striped but dominantly white Swedish-style sweater. The concept of contrast wasn't really applicable onto the whole setting. My task for the upcoming hours was to just sit still and focus at one single point, which became some branches of a tree seeming to form an oddly satisfying circle. For once my history with motion sickness came in handy. By being a self proclaimed professional bus passenger of coaches crossing the Baltics, suffering from an utterly sensitive balance organ, I can call myself an expert on just sitting still and looking ahead, accepting my faith. An additional benefit is that the comfortability curve only heads southwards after around four hours, which would be more than enough for the duration of the class. People 'air measured' distances within my face by their thumb (looking focused, and of course with one eye closed) and my somewhat unconventional nose became a topic of many aesthetic discussions.

Nienke Bos Model AKE
The final result, with some of the creations and its creators missing.
Nienke Bos Model AKE
Some of the outcomes from a closer perspective.
Amazing, how different the results eventually are. I must say I don't manage to recognize myself within each one of the art works, yet, I do see quite some distinctive features. Regarding the contrast issue, I particularly like the idea of non-white backgrounds on which my hair color looks most realistic. All in all it was a lovely, relaxed afternoon. It was definitely something else on a random Tuesday in April.

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