Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter in England

After a stormy week I headed to England by plane. Goal of my trip: visiting my dear friend Sarah. We've known each other ever since I was eleven years old. At that age I was totally fond of the Grand Britannia balloon, which I saw for the very first time at the former military airbase in Chambley, France. That I was not just a kid begging for balloon goodies is shown by the long lasting friendship that evolved with crew member Sarah. With Grand Britannia being almost 20 years of age now, I must say 'she' still looks oh so fine.

Even though I truly enjoy writing travel reports, I decided to try something else this time. In daily video blogs, called vlogs, I'm showing some insights of my days on film. Curious? The play list consisting of seven England vlogs can be viewed by clicking here

But, there is more. Exploring a city without a camera is a complete no-go for me, so as always I'd like to share my precisely composed and detailed pictures with you, right here.

Nienke Bos London
Greetings from England!

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