Friday, January 30, 2015

20 January 2015 - From Groningen to Gdansk

I'm a winter girl, so visiting rather cold places during the darkest time of the year is not particularly a problem for me. And so I spontaneously booked a flight to one of Poland's destinations still being on my to-see list. As a follow up of a much beloved solo holiday in Southern Poland last summer it was time to explore the North now. For only 10 euro's I flew from Groningen Airport Eelde (being located in the Northern part of the Netherlands) to Lech Walesa Airport situated in Gdansk. With this city being not that far away from the Baltic countries and even Kaliningrad I thought it could bring back some of the spirit as much enjoyed while living in East Europe the last five years. It did, and I adored it. 

The flight lasted for just about an hour and the first living being spotted in Poland after breaking through a thick layer of clouds was a happy little fox about to catch a mouse next to the runway. When waiting for the bus to the city center I saw a man walking with crutches. He was about to miss his bus, and so he took the crutches under his arm, making a sprint in order to reach the bus on time. Well, that was peculiar. Did I just witness the power of Pope John Paul II? Apparently there was another flight scheduled for today. The bus to the city center flew with supersonic speeds through the suburbs of Gdansk. The Soviet looking building blocks reminded me of the ones seen in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. Those places always seem so interesting to photograph, with their endless repetition of motives.

Once I reached the city center it was only a 10 minute walk in order to get to my hostel, which was comfortably situated right in the middle of all touristy sights. And, what a view I had! Beautifully restored storage houses right in front of my window. I've been travelling to Poland several times now, most often alone, and people always seem concerned about my safety. Once again I felt completely fine, even when it was dark. As it was quite late already I just made a small stroll through the city center. What I immediately noticed was the amount of beautiful architecture and the little details on the facades of all the houses. Even the drainage tubes were worth a closer look. I ate some pancakes filled with cottage cheese, something that reminded me strongly of my first few days in Riga back in 2009. Delicious. Good to be on the road again. Stay tuned for the follow up!

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