Monday, September 8, 2014

Baltics, balloons and sports

Hello from Denmark! Time for a little update. I've been postponing writing this blog post a bit, not because nothing has happened, but simply because I'm dealing with confidential information on a daily basis and it wouldn't be too appropriate to share that here. Some students face some difficulties, but there are some fantastic people around to just be there for them, creating a positive wave that carries them slowly but steady to a more solid main land. It feels good to be part of that. All in all I'm having a wonderful time here. No day is the same and the variety of people tickle my social capacities. Nevertheless, today I faced that I actually miss the Baltics a bit. It's a mixture of independency and adventure, something fully present back then. I know it's heavily inappropriate to actually complain about this, so just see it as a personal observation, but small things like deciding at what time I'll have diner is something I think back of with satisfaction. Diner here is a social event, every day at 18.30. Having a plate of delicious food while partly hiding under a warm blanket while watching a nice documentary is not part of the programme. Oh well, I could, but that kind of behavior would be a bit weird in my case. Furthermore, during my stay in Riga, Tallinn and Kaunas the surroundings in which I lived were so vibrant. I just loved how much there was to explore, from the beautiful sight of the cruise ships heading to Finland to the small details in architecture that reveal a rich history and a challenging path towards independence and identity. Now, when I get out of my room and cycle to the beach, the most exciting thing I come across is a field with cows eating grass. On the contrary of all this, I must say in the end it is quite nice to commonly have diner instead of alone, and to have one of Denmark's most peaceful and natural surroundings around me. I did actually find a beautiful cat skull next to a fox hole previous week, so that felt somewhat adventurous. 

 The Baltic classrooms cannot top this one :) !

I just realized that I didn't even blog about the Nordic Balloon Cup which was held in Silkeborg two weeks ago. That's probably because there wasn't much going on. I shared a blue wooden house with six guys making up the school's balloon team. We were heavily unlucky with the weather conditions. It was so bad that in the end the championship wasn't even valid, as we only managed to fly once. Nevertheless, it was joyful to see so many Swedish balloonists once again and to meet the largest part of the Danish balloon society. I found it interesting that only a handful of Danish pilots fly commercial and that the rest just does it for pure fun without any lucrative motives. It's the opposite in the Netherlands.

The only balloon action during the Nordic Cup

Talking about events... I just survived a two day sports happening with 600 kids from all over Denmark. Most of these youngsters face some serious issues in life, so it's quite unique to gather so many of them at one single place. It all went fine though. The sports disciplines ranged from chess to 'waterballoonvolleyball'. The atmosphere was good, and my task was to capture that on film and photo. Guess I have some editing to do the upcoming days.    

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