Thursday, August 7, 2014

My new home: Denmark

How often don't you hear people say they'll start living life to the maximum and travel around as soon as they retire? Too often! It might sound naive, but I'm trying to experience this adventurous joy all the time, as much as possible. At the moment, my way of doing that is by not staying put in one place. Life can be over before you know, so dreams are there to actively chase, not to postpone eternally. After having lived in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania it's now time for something else. Concerning living, I'm not too attracted by destinations southwards from the Netherlands, simply because they're too hot for a winter-person like me. When looking for a proper follow-up of my Baltic years I hesitated what to do: Iceland or Denmark? Iceland somehow attracts me, but the job possibilities at the mostly too remote areas eventually made me decide to choose for Denmark. I live in a kind of living community now on the countryside of Jutland, close to the sea. I'm surrounded by future teachers and by some fantastic youngsters which almost all had an unfortunate past. A whole new world is opening up to me, as I'm actually quite a loner. Everybody is respected here and no one is worth more than another. This is fantastic to experience. My daily life looks a lot different than half a year ago when I was writing my thesis. Whereas back then I was spending most of my time in front of the computer, writing, I'm now mostly outside, working in nature, doing practical tasks. I'm curious about my activities for the upcoming weeks, when the small day school will start here. I'm looking very much forward to work with the students and to be part of the place they call home.

Nicely international! Romania, Brazil, Italy, (sculpture from) Zimbabwe, Netherlands, Denmark. Great!

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