Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 7: Slovakia!

So, let me tell you a little bit about yesterday. During the morning I strolled around Zakopane a bit, trying to see a few more of those typical wooden houses with detailed carvings. At 11 o'clock I had to check-out from the hostel, so fully packed I took a mini bus towards the Polish-Slovakian border, which consists of a sweet looking restaurant and some piece of pavement functioning as a parking lot for hikers and a bus stop. I was told there would be busses running every half an hour from there. Well, they surely have long 30 minutes here then, because in between my connection and the previous bus were around four hours. I had plenty of time to enjoy the border atmosphere, which actually didn't feel too special, but the Tatra mountains were anyways beautiful to look at. I eventually managed to get to Poprad by bus. It was extremely hot and the dark thunderstormy sky made a nice contrast with the mountain tops covered in snow. I felt rather pale walking around there; I didn't expect to see so many gypsies. This is not such a nice thing to say, and it's not my intention to generalize or be mean, but by looking at the faces of some people, you could just clearly see that there had been some sexual activity going on between family members. Back to the easier side of this story... I took the train to Kosice; my final destination for the next couple of days. I was surprised to see that Slovakia has so many beautiful hills. What a nice country! Ingrid, the organizer of the balloon fiesta that will be held in Kosice these days, picked me up from the train station. Our timing was perfect, because as soon as we headed off to her house it started to storm very heavily. Wind, rain, hail, thunder, lightning... Ingrid lives just outside the city on a hill, from which you have a beautiful view. She lives there together with Arend Jan, a Dutch pilot. The situation during my arrival was a bit hectic. Everywhere in their house, for the first time this bad, water was leaking. One of the neighbors lost his chimney and yet another neighbor (a Slovak speaking Dutch) had one of his windows flying into a room. Luckily nobody got hurt. During the evening it calmed down, so together with Arend Jan, Ingrid and another Dutch ballooning couple we enjoyed a tasty barbecue meal. As soon as a bottle of strong spirit was opened, amazing ballooning stories were shared about Russia, Georgia, and other interesting countries. Yeah, it's good to be here, in this beautiful, huge, wooden house on top of a mountain. And, the cherry on the cake: a Rhodesian Ridgeback. I love that dog!


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