Saturday, June 7, 2014

Day 4: Krakow (including balloon talk!)

The last full day in Krakow. At least... for now. I'll be back! Today I started off checking out the little market located next to the hostel I'm staying at. Lots of strawberries and old Polish people fanatically buying fresh ingredients for their next meal. Krakow's old town is surrounded by a large piece of green; grass, trees, benches, birds... By taking the green route I eventually ended up in the Jewish part of town, namely Kazimierz. Apparently I was a little too early, as the restaurants were only just slowly starting to open up. There were however incredibly many young guys in golf carts around, hunting for groups of tourists wanting to join them on their sightseeing tours. The overall atmosphere in Kazimierz was alright, but I somehow expected it to be a little bit more arty and alternative. I guess this vibe would however be a bit more noticeable during a later stage of the day. The market located at a cozy square was worth visiting though. A lot of old stuff, but surely of true value for all sorts of collectors. I walked along the river Wisla, enjoying the sun warming my skin. I spent an hour in the park during lunch, just sitting there, observing all people passing by. A very small impression:

What I noted for the rest is that there are a lot of Swedish, English and Austrian tourists here in Krakow. And, a lot of locals have a kick scooter, young and old! Interesting was also to see that a lot of fathers are actively occupied with their children. Yeah, the overall atmosphere here is very pleasant.

This morning I found a nice message in my inbox from a balloon-minded local; if I'd be interested to meet today. Well, of course! A young blue-eyed Polish look-a-like of Tom Cruise during his Top Gun time named Marek, since recently balloon pilot, was waiting for me in old town. We took a little walk while enjoying some of the best ice cream in town, and afterwards we sat down on a cozy terrace with a good Polish beer. Ballooning unites! Apparently he had been in Chambley too during the previous fantastic edition, so we had many stories to share. Time for another beer, and some traditional Polish pirogi. What a delight to just sit there and talk. Before we knew, it was after 22.00 already. Guess it's time to slowly start to pack my suitcase now, because tomorrow the second part of my trip will start. Somehow a pity, I really like this city!

The next picture of us will be in between the balloons in France next year ;-)

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  1. ENJOY !
    Bij mijn eerste bezoek aan Polen was ik al vlug in de ban van de grote gastvrijheid achter het IJzeren Gordijn en ben er dan ook vaak teruggekeerd. In 1988 waren wij er met 4 Belgische teams op het Europees Kampioenschap in Leszno en sindsdien op de Open Poolse en de meetings aldaar. Al vlug hadden alle grote steden en Aeroclubs er hun ballon. Fantastisch land en zoveel te ontdekken voor een open-minded iemand als jij dus geniet er volop van !