Friday, June 6, 2014

Day 3: Krakow and the Krakow Philharmonic Orchestra

The first full day in beautiful Krakow! I started off for some sightseeing before 09.00, when all restaurants seemed to receive their goods, preparing for yet another sunny day with hordes of tourists. I strolled around Old Town and visited Wawel Castle. I also discovered a church that had a fantastic colorful interior. During the afternoon I felt like being in France; a cozy terrace, a huge croissant and a happy chatty French family sitting next to me. Time for some pictures!

 Balloon! It wasn't flying (well, going up and down) at the time but it was fun to see it from nearby. A lot bigger than the gasballoons I'm used to see!

These kind of bread stalls can be found on basically every corner of the streets. For around 35 eurocents you can buy a typical Krakow pretzel. I tried one today: tasty!

Many beautiful historical buildings located on top of Wawel Hill.

The colorful interior of the St. Francis of Assisi Church. Amazing!

Not really sure what was going on here exactly, but every single high school in Krakow was represented on stage by some pupils that were dressed up in all kind of ways.

This evening it was time for some indoor entertainment. I found out that the Krakow Philharmonic Orchestra would play film music tonight, with Krzysztof Dobosiewicz as conductor. He lives and works already for around 20 years in Finland by the way! I reserved a seat on the balcony from which the view eventually was 'lagom', as Swedes would say, so, good enough. The theme of this evening was horror, and I must say I'm not too familiar with that film genre. I thus didn't recognize all the themes that were played. I do however know now how that strange instrument looks like that makes this typical horror movie sound. If you look for 'waterphone' on Youtube you'll probably understand what I mean. Fascinating!

Overall, I enjoyed it. It was a pleasure to hear this kind of music live. If I ever get the chance to visit a similar venue, but where plays from for example Korzeniowski or Sibelius are performed, I'd certainly like to make use of such an opportunity. The music doesn't only flow through your ears, but also through your bones. Nice! On my way back to the hostel I noticed that the old-people-tourist-atmosphere had turned into a young-drunk-tourist-atmosphere. Even though it wasn't even 22.00 yet, I saw already many British guys on a stag party being terribly drunk. Such a kind of environment is not my cup of tea; time to head to bed and wake up around a decent time for some more explorations in Krakow!

The hall just before the performance.

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