Saturday, May 31, 2014

Inner peace from Korzeniowski

A while ago (March 16, 2014), I posted an article about two Finnish songs which joyfully cleared my mind from my time consuming thesis work. Well, I can gladly announce that nothing is needed anymore to distract me from that huge pile of work, as I managed to successfully defend my Master thesis Thursday. It was quite exciting, but hindsight it wasn't really necessary to be all sweaty and nervous. I received a 10 (out of 10) for my work! In about three weeks I'll receive my diploma, so then I may officially call myself Master Bos. If only my last name had an extra 's'!

To come back to the music: my mp3 player is also filled with some Polish delights. The idea to share these pieces with you comes from the fact that within a couple of days I'll visit Krakow, the home town of Abel Korzeniowski, the conductor of those pleasant works. He composes film music, but to be honest I've never seen the films that are accompanied by his music. Oh well, guess I should, one day. I'll at least share some of my favorite pieces of Korzeniowski's work in this blog post now. Interestingly, both Blogger and Wordpress don't seem to be the biggest fan of embedding video's (they are wizards eagerly wanting to make already embedded links disappear), so therefore I'll provide just some links to the video's on Youtube.

Abdication is certainly my top favorite. If I'm not mistaken this track was used within a car commercial around 1,5 years ago. It's so smooth and innocently intense. When I listen to it I feel like all my senses perceive the world around me two times stronger than normal.

 Regarding his face I would have guessed he'd be Scandinavian actually! (Image from

What attracts me the most in Korzeniowski's music is that it is a bit melancholic, but not in such a way that it makes you feel intensely sad (at least, not me). There is somehow some hope, desire and endurance woven into especially the pieces mentioned above. Hmm, would this mean that this music would be highly suitable for the stereotype Finn? It reminds me of the Finnish term 'sisu' (a kind of strong inner persistance, or determination), about which I've been reading lately in Stine Jensen's beautiful book 'Licht op het Noorden', about the search of the soul of Scandinavia. Enough about Finland now; time to focus on Poland!

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