Friday, March 28, 2014

The Swedish ch-dilemma

Having spent in total a few months of my life in Sweden, I noticed that English-Swedish sometimes can bring forth some confusion. It's particularly the ch-ish sound that causes the trouble. Some Swedes namely pronounce cheap exactly the same as sheep. When visiting my friend Melissa at her exchange location Växjö I noticed she shares the same passion in mentally noting down these 'unproperlypronouncable' words. Since the nights were long and the days dark and rainy we thus had plenty of time to collect a nice set of -ch words and to come up with some dialogues. In the video below you can find the result!

By the way, Swedish is sometimes rather hard for foreigners, so the Swedes could in return make fun of us in our first attempt to pronounce a city name like Linköping (wrongly pronounced with a big fat K of course). In this case the k is pronounced rather sj-like. 'Liensjeuping'. Fooling around with this resulted in playfully naming Swedish 'kaffe' as 'sjoffee', which is of course nonsense.


Guess I soon have to go back once to my beloved Finland in order to observe its nice inhabitants a bit more. I noticed lately that also Finns have some word constructions in English which are difficult for them to pronounce. I'm talking about -cion words. Some examples: decision, which suddenly sounds like 'desison' then. Or reaction, 'reacson'. Attraction, 'attracson'. Hej, I only notice now that then actually the Finns and Swedes have the same problem, only at another part of the word. This sharp shhh-sound is just not made for them. Not really sure if they like it to have something in common though...

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