Saturday, February 8, 2014

Perfect bike weather for the non-Finn from Olandija

Yesterday I reported on that the extreme cold in northern neighbor Latvia caused 150 cases of frostbites and hypothermia during the January month. Well, we certainly had our share of coldness as well, but that seemed to have stopped for a couple of days. Temperatures rose above zero and even though some fishermen still risks their lives on thin ice, the rivers pretty much fully flow through Lithuania's landscape again. I've been a little ill these days but after having eaten  a full jar of honey I noticed staying in bed would only make me feel more miserable. So, time for some fresh air! I decided to take my dusty old bike with me in order to fill up its tires. It had been standing around here during the time I was in Estonia and when I came back it was surprisingly still standing at the very same place, minus some tire air. I went to the gas station because my tires are equipped with car valves. I was struggling around a bit and eventually asked one man for help. He wore a very tidy suit and totally didn't look like filling up a Dutchman's bike tires, but still he did, which was very kind. He was a bit surprised why on earth I would be interested in riding my bike in this weather (hardly any snow on the streets and +4 degrees Celsius). I told him I'm from the Netherlands and that it's absolutely normal for me to drive around on my bike in these weather conditions. "Ahaa, in that way, I guessed you were from Finland actually!", he said. Was this a hidden Finnish stereotype? The crazy Finn riding its bike when the weather isn't cycling-in-Lithuania-proof? Oh well. I'm at least very thankful I got some assistance. Afterwards with a huge smile decorating my face I drove around though Kaunas. Nobody normally ever cares about bikers on bike lanes and especially not now when you more seldom than usual can spot a cyclist. I drove over the oh so nicely designed bike lane at Freedom Street. Normally it's quite dangerous, since nobody ever watches back when crossing the lane. It only took me two 'oh come oooooon'-s during my entire ride now. Good score. 

 My Kregzdute, made in the USSR

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