Friday, January 10, 2014

Some random observations in Stockholm...

Here some points that somehow grabbed my attention when visiting Stockholm for a couple of days:

- Russians. Everywhere!

- Many young men in their late twenties or early thirties have moustaches. Often the blonde ones reminded me of pictures of my father during his younger years.

- A lot of masculine Russian tourists had an aroma of vodka-sweat around them.

- At Sergel's Square I've seen at least five easily visible drug deals happening.

- Many women wear ultra tight tights while their upper clothes are rather loose. I especially spotted many shapeless jackets.

- People from Stockholm often ignore red traffic lights.

- Many young men have their trouser legs rolled up a bit.

- Even though the smell is not that strong, the underground metro stations have a same distinctive smell as in London, St. Petersburg and Warsaw.

- Hello equality! In Malmö I saw a cool woman making an art work of an ice block with a chain saw and in Stockholm I saw many female construction workers and technicians. I also saw a lot of guys working in cosmetic stores.

- Sweden is an extremely child friendly country.

- I really like to observe people and while walking on the streets I had a lot of eye contact with Swedes. I have the feeling this is not really the case when walking around in Lithuania for example. Furthermore, Swedish people have such an open facial expression which makes them so easy to approach when wanting to obtain some travel info. Their English is very good too!

- Many people wear a Fjällräven Kånken backpack. I dissolved within the crowd of Stockholm's rather calm city 'rush', which felt nice.

- The air in Stockholm is really clean.

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