Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Countries visited in 2013

During a cozy and calm breakfast on a rainy morning with Melissa in Växjö we shortly reflected on the countries we've visited this year. Quite a lot for both of us actually! Since so many media channels bombard us with random 2013 lists these days I'll hereby provide you my sum up of all the countries I've visited during 2013. 

Sweden - I celebrated my 23th birthday in Sweden and a bunch of Swedish men sang to me while floating on the Baltic Sea.

Austria - Ballooning fun in Filzmoos!

Netherlands - One week of being extremely sick during winter and some precious summer weeks with a lot of joyful cycling fun. 

Lithuania - My second semester of my Journalism and Media Analysis study.

Poland - A cold but adventurous journey to Bialystok with Jun and Yi.

Latvia - My dream came true, flying in a balloon over Riga, twice! 

Germany - Driving from North to South and a hop over the border in order to visit Nordhorn.

France - Ultimate enjoyment in the beating balloon heart of Europe. So many balloons and so many awesome friends in the northern part of France.

Denmark - A visit to my friend Astrid from Copenhagen. What a lovely city with handsome inhabitants.

Estonia - The third semester of my master program, an exchange at Tallinn University, time flies!

Finland - Finally I could show my father why I'm so fascinated by Finland.

I started the year in Sweden and that's also where I'll end it. The upcoming year will be an exciting one with many uncertainties till now. I'll be writing my master thesis and if everything goes following plan I'll graduate this summer. The big question: what's next?

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