Monday, October 28, 2013

Brief diary about my active and fun autumn holiday

Hello dear readers! Once again an update from Tallinn, Estonia. It's always a delight to check my web statistics. So many visitors from so many exciting destinations. Thanks, I like that! 

While enjoying a mouth full of Finnish Salmiakki I thought over all the happenings from the past few days which I'd briefly like to share with you all. Previous week I didn't have to attend any classes. Teachers used to call this a 'study week', while it's commonly known as 'holiday' for students. I was very pleased to host my father for several days. He has visited me in all three Baltic countries now. I personally think it's very important/useful that loved ones can kind of create an image on where I live, how and in what kind of cultural circumstances. In this way, whenever I'm back home in the Netherlands, my stories come across so much more vivid, simply because a realistic image can be formed by in this case my dad. 

A short diary of my activities...

Thursday 17 Oct: I got the joyful news I passed my first German exam and straight after I picked up my dad from the airport. We had pea soup and pancakes (which is actually a typical Swedish thing to eat on Thursdays). Afterwards I proudly presented my dad Tallinn's magic Old Town by night, concluded with a beer and cider on an outside terrace at Raekoja Plats.  

Friday 18 Oct: Finland day! We went to Helsinki where we ended up having a great time, accompanied by some snow. We visited some exhibitions (a.o. about Lithuanian Press Photography and Art Nouveau) and we discovered Helsinki's diverse architectural treasures.

Saturday 19 Oct: We had a closer look at the harbor and at Kadriorg park. Afterwards we were picked up by Kalev, the Estonian balloon pilot. We went to Paldiski where we spotted a lot of abandoned military barracks. Very exciting and rough. The nature there is so pure. We ended our day in a tasty way at an American-like restaurant.

Sunday 20 Oct: During the morning my father and I visited the KGB museum located on the top floor of Viru Hotel. This venue can only be visited when booking a guided tour. I highly recommend visiting this Soviet experience! Since the weather was perfectly flyable we joined Kalev for a ride above the outskirts of Tallinn. What a lovely flight.

Monday 21 Oct: My dad's last full day in Tallinn, time to finally see Old Town during day light! I guess we saw every little street. During the evening we went to Solaris Kino to see the 3D movie Gravity with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Normally I'm not such a big fan of watching movies but I absolutely loved this one. I enjoyed every second of it. Well, better check it out yourself.

Tuesday 22 Oct: Before I joined my father to the airport we took one last walk around Tallinn. We ended up at the Seaplane Harbor, a charismatic place with a lot of old military equipment. I was very sad to say goodbye to my dad already again, but nevertheless we had some awesome days together. During the afternoon I joined Kalev and Enn for a balloon inspection somewhere just outside Tallinn. On our way back the gearbox broke down so it was an exciting way back home with just one gear to use.

Wednesday 23 Oct: Back to reality, studying for an exam...

Thursday 24 Oct: Studying + exam.

Friday 25 Oct: I joined a full day conference at Tallinn's German Gymnasium. The theme was 'German language opens doors'. I expected some more students there but the majority of all conference participants were Estonian German language teachers (sweet elderly ladies). One of them called me Käsekopf...

Saturday 26 Oct: Just when I decided to take it slow Kalev called. 'Want to join to Haapsalu for some sightseeing?'. Ok! So, that taking it slow didn't really work out. I did however have a great day once again. Haapsalu is such a happy place with a lot of colorful wooden houses. The weather wasn't that wonderful so I'm definitely planning to go back there once during summer.

Sunday 27 Oct: This day consisted of eating chocolate and going to the gym. A nice combination.

So, that was about it. Now I'll procrastinate my homework about Possesivpronomen and Personalpronomen by baking some pancakes first. If you want to see a lot more pictures of all the events mentioned above, feel free to have a look at my Facebook page!

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