Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Antonov An-2 experience: the movie

As you might have read in my previous blog post I managed to have an active weekend up in the air in lovely Estonia. During my flight in the rusty old Antonov I made some movie shots which I edited into this little experience video you might want to take a look at: My first Antonov An-2 flight with ES-BAB

Especially notice the little bouncy screw at 0.35. This detail made me feel like being in an adventurous movie. Nevertheless, the old fellow brought us back safely into the arms Mother Earth. The young child from the airbase's boss however took the quote of the day for his account. While standing on the ground he watched the parachutists jump out of the aircraft. "1!...2!...3!...4!...5!...uh... I can't count any further!". Sweet. That's exactly how far my Estonian counting capacity reaches. Üks, kaks, kolm, neli, viis :). Oh, and I randomly know what '22' is: kakskümmend kaks. And, another thing foreigners like about the Estonian language is '12 months': kaksteist kuud, which sounds exactly like 'cocks taste good'. Till so far counting in Estonian. 

Obviously my health wasn't that pleased with all the fun activities from previous week. Especially the sauna visit and watching the Milky Way covered by a towel only made me vulnerable for catching a cold. I've been coughing and sneezing pretty much non-stop this week. Luckily the raspberries, bananas and of course a fair amount of chocolate make it all seem to go into the right direction again. 

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