Monday, September 16, 2013

24 hours - 10 pictures

One of the classes I'm taking here in Tallinn concerns digital photography. The first assignment was to take 10 pictures (no specific topic) in 24 hours. The maximum of time in between taking two pictures is four hours, which meant I also had to photograph during the night. I'll just share my work with you accompanied by some comments. The day I covered was Saturday, September 14, 2013.

 Around 08.00: This is how I started the day, taking a shower.

 Around 11.00: The ferry from St. Petersburg looking rather unusual.

Around 13.00: Interesting corridors without privacy in Viimsi.

Around 15.00: After a long walk to Viimsi it was time for a picknick in the sun at Viimsi beach with my friend Arthur from Russia.

Around 17.00: Taking the bus back to Tallinn, spotting this bride. Worried looks upon the people's faces...

Around 19:00: A stroll through Kadriorg park. Such a pleasure to see these bike facilities at the KUMU Museum!

Around 22.00: Fountains at Kadriorg park.

Around 0.00: The result of the many kilometres I walked, a blister!

Around 03.00: Cold feet. Night time. Didn't want to get out of bed to take a picture elsewhere.

Around 06.00: View from my kitchen window.

So, that's about it! As you can see it was an active day, mainly spent outside. The weather was exceptionally good for the middle of September. I guess I like the ferry picture the most since it's kind of creative. I however don't really like the last few ones since they miss out on something special. Yet, I didn't find anything else that inspired me to take a picture of in the middle of the night. I'm curious what the next photography assignment will be!

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