Friday, August 2, 2013

LMAB 2 August - morning

In stead of doing it the French briefing style way I better start off stating the main message of this morning straight ahead: the flight was cancelled. There was too much wind and unfortunately it also doesn't look too good for the upcoming days. Ai! What I especially noticed today is that I feel my tiredness is almost winning from my energy. I really need my afternoon naps in order to keep on function properly. The end is in sight but even though these ten days are pretty exhausting, I wish we could all continue this event a little longer. Another thing I noticed during the briefing this morning is that some people run out of freshly washed clothes. Imagine this aroma mixed with a slight degree of greasy hair. That's not much of a pleasure, especially not during the early mornings. Some of the teams will unfortunately head home already today. I'll do some sightseeing in Metz with Sarah and my dad. It'll be a warm one, but hopefully the big beautiful buildings we'll look at can provide some shade. Since I didn't take any pictures this morning I hope I can please you all with this random dog. All the best from France!

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