Sunday, August 4, 2013

LMAB 4 August - morning

Oh what a night. In a negative way. I only got to bed after midnight and in the end I managed to sleep around 20 minutes before my alarm clock rang again. I suffered from some severe skin irritation on my arms, an aftermath of my sun allergy I had two weeks before LMAB started off. When it was time to wake up I told my dad I wouldn't survive this morning with this amount of sleep and that therefore (very rare) I would skip this morning flight. He then also didn't feel like going there, knowing most of the people left already and having the few hour car drive home in mind we're about to make this afternoon. Enough is enough. The goodbye-saying-session yesterday marked the end of this wonderful edition of Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons. Even though this year is a record concerning least flights, I still had a great time. Not many flights were made, but the ones which did happen were so amazing and so varied in direction and company. In total I made five flights here during the previous days and I'm more than pleased with that. I haven't been bored a single second. Even though it's exhausting to be here, it's more than worth it and I even wish the event could last a little longer. So, I guess that was about it then for now. I want to thank all the readers of my blog for tuning in and I hope you'll keep on following me! Next stop will be Estonia... I'll keep you guys updated on when and where to find my complete picture album :).

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  1. Inside my envelope you got a nice skin color ;-)