Sunday, August 4, 2013

LMAB 3 Augustus - evening

The wind dropped down nicely so we had a 'go'! The direction wasn't that wonderful (too many forests) so the pilots were also allowed to do a fly-in. Eventually around half of them did. I watched the first wave departing from the area close to the hangars. The second wave of fly-in balloons I spotted at the end of the runway, seeing them struggling to land on the launch field. Once that was over my dad and I got a lift back to the civilized world from Denis Buron-Pilatre on his quad. With 80 km/h we 'flew' over the runway. I hardly kept my eyes open since I was afraid if a fly would hit me there I would get close to blind. Looking at my dad sitting at the back of this vehicle also didn't work because with every head turn I noticed the spit in my mouth wanted to disappear, brr! My dad and I later on had a look at the activities going on at the public area where the most random things were sold. Then we jumped in to the France 3 media studio for a cup of excellent coffee with J.C. Depuis who had interviewed me for French television the previous edition of LMAB. If that wasn't enough socializing already we continued with a goodbye picnic with our friends from Great Britain, America and some of their French crew members. We celebrated Dave Reineke's birthday with some delicious cloud cake decorated with candles. Then it was time to say goodbye, since most of them would leave tomorrow morning already again. I absolutely hate saying goodbye and I always try to postpone this as long as possible. Yet, it really had to happen now. Let's hope it won't take two entire years before I see all these wonderful warm hearted people again. With a little bit of luck in one year we'll be able to meet again, but this time in Albuquerque!?

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