Saturday, August 3, 2013

LMAB 3 August - morning

This morning the flight was cancelled, so the decision to stay in bed was a good one. There were some heavy winds this night and also some thunder storms. Apparently I didn't close the window under which I was sleeping well enough so during the middle of the night a gust of wind opened it completely. Quite spooky, this screaming wind.

This afternoon my dad and I had a look at some of these typical French hypermarche shops from which Decathlon was always one of my favorites. They have some nice sports and outdoor stuff there for reasonable prices. However, today we came accross Benoit, Peter George his French crew member. He told us we'd enjoy a shop called 'Chullanka' even more than Decathlon, and he was so right. I managed to find some great discounts on merino wool socks and even a merino wool dress. I discovered this fabric only recently but I'm hooked already. It keeps you warm when it's cold and vice versa. Furthermore you can wear these products many days in a row and they still won't stink. What a holy grail! It's quite sweet, you can even trace back all merino products by a unique bar code. They then show from which farms in New Zealand the sheep wool comes from. Besides this I found myself a nice Scandinavian winter hat, a red one. I'm completely satisfied!

We had lunch at the French fast food chain Quick. Hm, that was good! The wind is dropping down already now so hopefully there will be some action this evening now it's still possible!

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