Friday, August 2, 2013

LMAB 1 August - evening

Waiting, waiting, waiting... flight! This evening was quite windy, but yet the balloons managed to take off and eventually land pretty far away. I was introduced to some of Dave and Kathy's friends from the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. Sarah did a good job in making them coming over as a surprise. It's always such a pleasure to meet new people here. I retrieved Peter George and his everlasting pretty Head balloon. I guess I'd never seen so many traffic jams outside here. It was almost dark when we finally reached the guys. No more cozy socializing after that! I was in need of some sleep already again. I was dropped off at the entrance of Planet Air where I ended up waiting, alone, under a street light. As soon as teams started honking I kind of felt a bit weird, thinking about these stereotype film images of women standing next to the side of the streets offering themselves. Beeh. Luckily in the end Djorry and Kenneth kept me company and nothing strange happened :).

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