Saturday, August 31, 2013

25 August: Last day in Denmark, Estonia in sight...

The biggest challenge started off right after a cozy breakfast with Astrid, Melissa and Bodil: my suitcase. When leaving the Netherlands I somehow managed to fit everything in there. It seemed like a giant 3D puzzle. Now, after having spent one week in Denmark, I had to repack, which wasn't easy. Both my suitcase as well as my backpack were fully stuffed. My reliable little orange suitcase weighing only around 17kg could only close when I put all my body weight on it. But, it worked!

I brought Astrid a little children game in order to practice with Dutch words. She liked 'pop' (doll) the most of all. The typical Dutch 'ui' sound was something her sister was more talented in when it came to proper pronunciation. She kept on struggling with the name of the square she saw when visiting Amsterdam. 'Spui'. I've been thinking how to explain this pronunciation issue here, in words, but I guess I just gave up on that.

We took the train to the city centre for some last sightseeing. My stay in Denmark had almost come to an end already. We strolled around Astrid's university, being amazed by the good looking dormitories. So many facilities to be used by all! There was a sweet little gym in one of the dorms, there were colorful reading rooms and I even spotted a hobby place where you could make something nice out of wood. I guess student life in Denmark must be very comfortable.

One of the highlights of today was a trip to Freetown Christiania, the Lithuanian Uzopis in Denmark, but then more pure. It's a self proclaimed autonomous area with a little less than 1000 inhabitants. Unfortunately I didn't manage to take some pictures there since every meter a warning sign could be spotted with a camera and a cross through it. There seemed to be quite some cannabis trade going on there. Astrid told me that this place was founded during the 1970s and that the inhabitants of Christiania made their own sewerage. A typical thing which is created here are the Christiania bikes, carrier cycles.

Another thing I forgot to mention earlier is that in Denmark there is a special yellow color which is used for some of the houses. It's a bit like the reddish paint often seen in Sweden, This ochre color is rather the signature of Denmark. It stains a lot since when you pull you finger over it, it turns yellow. I guess not a day has passed without telling Astrid how much I like this color. I absolutely adored the little ochre house blocks meant for navy and army people. Astrid lived in such a house for quite a while. They look so sweet!

When we slowly started to end our trip for this day we came across a food festival. I was offered some porridge which is usually eaten by the Danish military guys. It was delicious. After half an hour in one of Copenhagen's parks we realized time had come: I had to go off to the airport soon. Goodbye Astrid, goodbye Melissa, goodbye lovely Denmark... It felt strange to say goodbye. On the one hand I was very excited to start my new student life in Estonia, but on the other hand everything during the past couple of months had felt so secure, that I wasn't really ready for all the upcoming uncertainties yet. A new place to live, a new university, new friends... Here I go again!

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