Thursday, July 18, 2013

My most mainstream but yet slightly different Russian souvenir

I don't like cheesy souvenirs and therefore I don't own a single piece of amber. Quite an achievement after having lived in the Baltics for such a long time I guess. Nevertheless, I did bring a typical Russian souvenir home from my trip to Saint Petersburg during a cold January week in 2010. Nice color, hm? This is a wooden Russian matryoshka doll. There are a couple more inside. I especially like this piece since it's a relatively simple one without kitsch red roses or golden details. It brings back some good memories. Hours at an almost empty Hermitage, the fascinating Sovietic ornaments at the metro stations and delightfully good borscht and stroganoff. Interestingly I thought it was a piece bought during the end of my Erasmus trip, but eventually it just turned out to be the beginning of an even longer adventure.

 My green Russian matryoshka doll with sunflowers.

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