Monday, July 29, 2013

LMAB 29 July - morning

For the first time during the desired morning flight sessions it was needed to wear a jacket. Finally, after yesterdays rain showers it cooled off a bit. Together with my dad I joined the 'Appel and Pear' balloon guys once again. Apparently they weren't fed up of us yet! We drove to the complete end of the launch field where we slowly but steady saw all other balloons taking off in front of us. We joined the gang and with low speed explored the launch base and the many sun flower fields. Of course all overruled by a massive amount of early woken up pilots and their crewmembers in their colorful, small balloons. A little happy German guy named Luca joined us during our flight under the command of Basten Heeg. He spoke perfect English, even though he could just watch over the sides of the basket. Because of our muddy experience previous night we decided to land near a little grass field so we could pack the balloon without too many brownish traces. Again, a successful flight! It makes these early wake ups so much more easy. 

Back to the field my dad and I joined the British and American folks we absolutely like to hang out with. A picnic table covered with a balloony cloth was stuffed with tasty cheese, sausages and alcoholic beverages. What a breakfast! The owner of Head Balloons, Tarp Head, made his traditional 'together with Nienke photo' which he'd post to a friend in America who'd apparently wanted to take me home in a sweet little box when we met a few years ago. Together with my British friend Sarah I caught up about some more woman-like stuff ;). We only reached our hotel around 12.00, the perfect time for a well needed nap. 

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