Sunday, July 28, 2013

LMAB 28 July - evening

This evening was an unexpected gift. We only decided to drive to the field quite late and even seriously considered not going because of the bad looking weather forecast. Interestingly, after an entire day of rain the sun started to shine and the wind became only less. I didn't feel one single rain drop. What a nice surprise!

When I walked towards the launch field I firstly met Francois Schaut. What a pleasure to meet him. "Hello... you must be... Ineke?". Almost. Nienke. Sweet that he knew me and that I was given the compliments from his daughter about the typical Bos ballooning pictures. Secondly I met the Dutch 'Appel en Peer' (Apple and Pear) team, four happy guys. Even though I had never seen them before the conversation started off with "Hi, do you want to fly with us tonight?". Of course! Eventually my dad was also assigned a place in the basket. So, there we went, up in the air with a well organized and friendly Dutch balloon team, hardly suffering from any wind. This was such a flight about which pictures say so much more than words. It reminded us all a bit on the legendary Saturday morning in 2011.

Together with a bunch of other balloons we landed in a clay-like field in Chambley, next to a beautiful field filled with sunflowers. We all managed to collect a few centimeters of clay under our shoes, so during our way back to the launch field we were all half wrapped in garbage bags in order to keep the car clean. Last but not least, a big thanks for my dad for cleaning my boots and a concluding picture of the sunset of today.

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