Sunday, July 28, 2013

LMAB 27 July - evening

This afternoon we strolled around through Pont-a-Mousson, having some tasty sandwiches, spotting a sweet little lizzard and doing some food shopping. In the garden of the monestary we enjoyed an extremely tasty Magnum Mint, well needed because of the high temperatures out here.

The evening was more exciting, even though it started off with a lot of waiting, something not uncommon for balloonists. It was quite windy the entire day already so only around 20.30 the green flag was finally raised. I joined the Austrians for a flight in their 'Leitl' balloon. Together with Hans and Silvia I enjoyed the mass audience that showed up at Chambley Airbase on this sunny, warm day. We flew nicely low and hundreds if not thousands of happy smiles and waives were sent towards our basket. Priceless, this atmosphere. 

We flew over some small French villages where more enthusiastic people were awaiting us. The sky was filled with colors all over and two helicopters curiously circled around. After about 45 minutes many pilots started looking for suitable landing places already since some bad weather was about to come our way. Hindsight it became clear we flew during the silence before the storm. When Hans his crewmember Hannes and my dad finally managed to find the fence opening of the field we landed in it was slowly getting dark already. Just at the moment we left the field a huge storm came up. Trees were heavily dancing around, leafs covered the streets and the grid of the parking lot ended up a few meters away from it. Back at the airbase the entire welcoming board seemed to have lost its live since it was torn into pieces. Also there were tents laying around on some very random places, hmm. We've had quite some lightning already and there is more to come. It doesn't look too good for tomorrow morning so we might extend our sleep with a few more hours. To conclude, because of the windy situation we missed out on Plastic Bertrand performing in Pont-a-Mousson! Nevertheless, the flight was lovely, yey! 

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