Friday, July 26, 2013

LMAB 26 July - evening

We're there! This afternoon my dad and I arrived in the beautiful Lorraine region of France. We checked in at our hotel, a former monestary, where we were appointed a spacious room. At the launch field we met many balloonings friends we hadn't seen for a long time. The happy temporary family is complete again, yes!

It took me some time to get accustomed to the cultural greeting habits again. One kiss for a Belgian, two for an Frenchmen, three for a Dutchmen, and what about Americans once again? Secretly it's quite funny, seeing people struggling with these greetings, I myself included. What I was pleased about is that I managed to speak a lot of French today. Seems all those words are still somehow hanging around in my system.

Inside the hanger filled with sweaty European bodies I spotted one table with some Asians fanatically busy with their technical devices. During my study time in Kaunas I met many wonderful South Koreans and I was almost completely sure the people sitting at the table were Korean too. I was right, came by to say hallo and straight ahead stories were shared and pictures together were made. Nice! Hm, visiting a balloon event in Korea, I guess I have to add that to my 'dreams to fulfill' list.

My dad and I jumped onto the open trailer of Austrian pilot Hans Pravda when it was time to invade the launch field with ballooning cars. Now it really started! With the wind blowing through my hairs I conquered what will be my home for the upcoming week. Even though I didn't expect too many balloons on the first Friday evening the sky was soon filled with color. What a great feeling to be here again. My dad joined Hans up in the air and I retreived together with crew member Silvia. The wind was extremely variable, so eventually we ended up packing the balloon just outside the airbase.

Curious for some pictures?

Mondial Air Ballons Chambley Metz
 With one of the South Korean crew members

Mondial Air Ballons Chambley Metz
 Take off!

Mondial Air Ballons Chambley Metz
In the Austrian 'Leitl' balloon after having taken some pictures inside, while Hans was burning. Nice!

Mondial Air Ballons Chambley Metz

Now just a few hours left till the morning briefing... Sleep tight!

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