Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Attention Mesdames et Messieurs, dans un instant on va commencer!

Slowly but steady suitcases all over the world are packed for the long awaited 2013 edition of Mondial Air Ballons. Europe's biggest balloon event promises to be a great success once again. Finally, an entire ballooning family will gather in the rural area in between characteristic French cities Metz and Nancy. Since my daily blog posts were well read during the previous edition of this 10-day spectacle I decided to continue this piece of ballooning journalism as well this year. So, what can you expect from me? Accompanied by my beloved Sony Alpha camera I'll try to catch the best snap shots around. Colorful balloons, sweet little French villages and moreover an abundance of happy people will appear in my photo albums. In due course I'll let you know where exactly to find my pictures. Nevertheless, I'll also update airdreams.nl on a daily base, informing balloon enthusiasts about my adventures, of course spiced up with some photo's from the spot. Mondial Air Balloons 2013 will start off the 26th of July, so please stay tuned!

At the launch field during the 2011 edition. Please say hallo when you see me walking around :) !

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