Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Latvija. Nice Place.

When waking up this morning I realized once again how lovely the decoration above my bed actually looks like. During my time in Riga (as an exchange student, intern at Riga In Your Pocket and while writing my bachelor thesis) I collected several cardboard postcards from a sweet little Latvian souvenir company called ‘Nice Place’. Since the months spent in my favorite city Riga make up an important part of my life I decided to create a reminder of this adventure in my bedroom located at my parents' place in the Netherlands. I picked out the eight nicest cards from my collection and placed them in an IKEA frame. It’s a simple yet budget proof way to create an own little art work distanced from popular canvas Eiffel Tower and New York skyline prints.

It would almost sound like a paid advertisement (it’s not) but I honestly adore Nice Place souvenirs. In general tourists in the Baltic States are overflowed with cheesy amber, matryoshka dolls (so Russian!) and mittens secretly produced in Asia instead of by a happy Latvian granny. Nice Place consists of a few local artists creating amongst others badges, mugs and bookmarks with attractive but traditional Latvian patterns. Their designs are nicely recognizable. I guess the next time I’ll be in Riga I have to try on some of their t-shirts. It might sound a little oldskool, but those are simply cool. I just figured out Nice Place changed its visual identity a bit as a follow up of their seventh anniversary previous week. Want to check it out, as well as their range of souvenirs? Latvia lovers could certainly appreciate this website:

Keep up the good work guys! Let your affordable creations be an example for a revolution within the Baltic souvenir sphere :)

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