Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tanning vs. whitening creams, looking fat and yes vs. no

While spending so much time with my Asian friends here in Kaunas I came accross that in many ways we have a very similar view on life. However, there are a bunch of small things which are completely the opposite. 

The previous few days it has been around 28 degrees. I'm not such a big fan of wearing shorts since my legs are just whiter than white. Every year again I hesitate about maybe using some tanning lotion for my legs, even though that would look a bit unnatural on me. While I 'worry' about being so white my friends rather avoid getting tanned. Instead of tanning lotion they have whitening creams! 

During a visit of Jun's friend from Hong Kong we made some pictures all together as memory of the pleasant day. While watching the result Yi said 'Oh, I look so fat, I gained so much weight!'. Saki from Japan also joined us in the kitchen while eating some traditional Lithuanian cake. When the fatness topic showed up once again Yi said without any shame 'Oh Saki, you also gained a lot of weight, it's so obvious'. She was bloody serious and Saki didn't seem uncomfortable hearing that about herself. Interesting, for my Asian friends the Netherlands seems to be the country where you can say everything you wish because of its liberal atmosphere, but telling someone you don't even know that well about his or her extra pounds? Hm, if you want to piss off your Dutch friend you should definitely say that.

I guess the yes and no answers to denying sentences are more practically carried out by Asians. When I ask Jun 'So, you're not going to the Cultural Night tonight?' he says 'yes, yes' when he's indeed not going and 'no' when he's actually going. When I would be asked that question and I would not go there I would say 'no', even though that actually doesn't make sence. Do you get me?

Jun, Yi, Nienke. A little earlier this year :)

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