Monday, May 6, 2013

My dream came true, twice!

Ever since I moved to the Baltic States I’ve been fantasizing how it would be to see this fantastic city from above. Not from a plane, but with a balloon of course. It rarely happens that balloons can be spotted over Latvia’s capital, and therefore I was extra excited to get to know about ‘Riga Vision 2013’. No matter what, I had to go there. Around 20 balloons were participating in this event held during the first weekend of May. The weather was good, the people were fantastic and I had the chance to make my dream come true (twice!). I’m very thankful for the two marvelous flights I managed to make right over Riga’s city center together with the enthusiastic team of Estonian balloon pilot Kalev Tikk. I met so many warm hearted ballooning people, I made so many nice pictures and I collected so incredibly many valuable memories. Thanks to all who made this possible! A longer story on this unique event will follow soon. For now you can already check out the pictures which can be found under the ‘Ballooning’ tab.

 Gunars Dukste with his beautiful balloon and a gigantic Latvian flag

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