Monday, April 8, 2013

Accepted! Exchange at Tallinn University Sept '13 - Jan '14

Good news! A few weeks ago I applied for a so called Bilateral Agreement Exchange and today I was pleased with the message I'm accepted at Tallinna Ülikool (Talinn University)! This means that from September 2013 till January 2014 I will attend classes in Estonia's capital. I'm very much looking forward to this and I'm extremely thankful that Vytautas Magnus University supports me in fulfilling my Baltic project. After completion of this exchange I can state I've been living in Estonia for one year, in Latvia for one and a half years and in Lithuania for one year. Perfect, that was what I was aiming for! I can't wait to stroll around Tallinn and discover this most Northern Baltic pearl a little better than I already did before during my touristy trips and the business visits during my internship at the Institute of Baltic Studies (in Tartu). Oh, and Finland is just a two-hour ferry ride away, I have to make use of that too! 

On my way to university today Jun said that my Baltic project is something for life. It's my own thing which determined the way I am now to a great extent. He said that the years of my early twenties are the most important one's in my life. I agreed, but then again, who says nothing else will cross my path? Maybe an even bigger adventure?! Future will tell. I'm at least very proud of myself that I dared to keep on extending my time in the Baltics. Many people dream about long foreign travels and often those thoughts just stay pleasant daydreams. I did it, and I'm still doing it. It's not always easy, but the difficult moments are overshadowed by precious memories, valuable friendships and self respect.  

Very addictive, travelling from one Baltic country to another. Now it's time for Estonia once again!

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