Monday, March 4, 2013

Living the dream!

I remember well how I always prepared for my topography tests when being a nine-year-old. My dad used to help me and we repeated all countries and capitals till I got sick of it and without too much effort managed to get a 10. The Baltic States were complicated. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius. I somehow always mixed them up. 'Why do I have to know this?'. I remember a few years ago a Dutch atlas producer also had some difficulties with this area of Europe. They had to throw away thousands of freshly printed atlases because they got the order of these three little countries wrong. I can't blame the people back home in The Netherlands for not exactly knowing where I study. I'm shifting between all Baltic countries and somehow always end up finding some new adventures here. However, people asking me about my studies in Lapland or Iceland would be advised to check the map once again. Now, fourteen years later, having left all topography tests behind, I've lived in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. What an adventure! And, it's not over yet. I'm quite proud about this successful achievement, especially since I'm only twenty three years old. If I would have told my younger self how my life path would have changed during the years I would probably not have believed it. Well, at least I never mix up the order of the Baltic countries anymore!

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